Why THIS blog/about me

There are many differences for a child Diagnosed today with Autism then it was 11 or more years ago.  Even 7 years ago when my third son was Dx with Severe infantile Autism.  The environment around helping our children has improved in many ways...but of course still has a long way to go!

WHen my second son was Dx right before his 3rd birthday, ( 11 years ago), I was devastated.  Any parent knows and can share those feelings with me.  The devastation was a combination of fear of the unknown and what I already knew I was missing with my relationship with my 2nd born, and later my 3rd born.  Engrained in my memory is the doctor, looking at me, telling me my son had Autism.  This was after 2 hours in a waiting room so lets just say I was not in a good mood and certainly did not take it well.

I will continue my story in posts that follow,   but this journey I am on has led me to many places.  Some places I went kicking and screaming...some I jumped into as soon as the opportunity presented itself.

I created this blog for a few reasons! 1.  there are so many options for parents today with Autism and I am very much a person who likes to compare before I make a decision to start or change direction  2 As I  read about Autism interventions I am disheartened at the false information about therapies including one that ultimately I *jumped into* 6 plus years ago for my own 2 children.  3  In an attempt to try and get accurate information for parents, I will address those websites  (  I have already tried to contact the people who have the false information about RDI to try and build some bridges but they declined to remove anything)....4,  I always like input on what has helped a child and family and when we discuss different options it opens the floor for great conversations!! 5.  There are terms and different *language* within our community and sometimes I like to compare those too...  and there are more reasons but we will start there.

My goal on this blog is not to tell any parent what therapy is best for their child or family.  I know that when exploring my own options parents who have been there done that helped me tremendously to get to where I am today,  In the Autism community,  it sometimes does take a village!!  AND YOU are the head *chief* of your family!!!   Every therapy can help in some facet for the many needs of our children.  That said,  if you want to explore options, especially regarding RDI then this blog will compare and contrast RDI with other interventions.

I know that we, as families do what we can for our children.  We also have a tendancy to feel guilty because we cant do it all or that we did not *do* it early enough!!  I also know that most professionals have a heart of gold for our children no matter what therapy they embrace.  SInce my own children's success with RDI  http://www.autismremediationforourchildren.com/  I trained to continue my passion from helping my own children to helping other families...by becoming an RDI consultant.

I hope this blog assists you in make the very best decision for your own family by looking at all the options, whether you are just starting your journey or have been in the trenches for awhile!!!

Kathy Darrow